Gogoanime is the best and safest site for millions of anime lovers to watch free anime online.

Are you a weeb? Are you looking for a safe website to catch up with the latest anime? If yes, Gogoanime is exactly what you are looking for!

We have all types of free anime online. Moreover, our genres and subgenres also include Comedy, Demons, Drama, Historical, Samurai, School, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Supernatural, etc. All anime comes with DUB and SUB option so you can choose which one you prefer. While the pandemic is taking over the world, let anime take you back to your childhood to heal your inner soul with meaningful lessons about family, love, friendships,… So keep calm, stay at home and Gogoanime!

Watch Anime Online Free

It s not easy to find a good anime website nowadays, the cyber threats and malware from ad-supported sites are gradually becoming a big concern to all the users. This will definitely bring down the quality of your experience, adding up to the stress from the pandemic. Since your satisfaction is our #1 concern, we are happy to make Gogoanime ad-free! From now on, you can watch free HD anime with absolute safety on Gogoanime.

What is wrong with Gogoanime?

Gogoanime was established solely to quench your anime thirst and there is nothing wrong with it. Anime is a Japanese abbreviation for “animation”. Did you know that anime account for over 60% of animations in the whole world? More and more people are in love with the art style and the quality of anime, in fact, there are about 40 million anime watchers in Japan alone. No matter how old you are or what genre you like, there will always be an anime made for you out there! You can visit our “Most watched” section to see what anime most users are into.

Is KissAnime better than Gogoanime?

In the past, it was hard to answer this question as Gogoanime and KissAnime are both popular and free with quality anime. However now, from the users' safety perspective, Gogoanime is obviously safer than KissAnime thanks to the new ad-free update. Along with our content library and features, this will definitely improve our user experience which is always the most important thing to us. Hence, we are proud and confident to be the better one.

Is it illegal to use Gogoanime?

Yes it is totally legal to use Gogoanime. However, you should be careful when downloading and sharing pirated files as copyright attorneys consider this an illegal act. If you want to do so, please stay anonymous by using a reliable VPN for your own safety.

Is Gogoanime safe?

Gogoanime has been one of the safest websites in the anime world. Now with the new ad-free update, it is even safer and smoother for you to stream online. Our website doesn't require you to register and subscribe to watch anime. Hence you are safe from information leakage, scammers and other common Internet threats when using our website.

Is Gogoanime down?

Please visit https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ to check the website status.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Reddit for our latest news.

What's the new website of Gogoanime? Which Gogoanime is real?

Our one and only official Gogoanime site on the internet is https://gogoanime.mn/. Please pay close attention to our link to avoid fake sites as this happens all the time with all popular websites. The more you are familiar with our website, the easier it is for you to spot the fake Gogoanime. Here is a list of our distinctive and popular features that you can use to verify your doubt.

  • Excellent quality anime: Gogoanime put our user experience on top of everything else. As we believe anime is all about the ups and downs of the emotions and imaginations flow, we have filtered out the ads, buffering and lagging. We also have subtitles (and even dubs) in several languages for those who don't speak Japanese. We hope we have the anime you are looking for in our huge library, otherwise, please shoot us a request so we can make it available to you ASAP!
  • No app installation needed: With the real Gogoanime, you don't need any apps to watch anime which is both time-consuming, complicated and risky. Apart from laptops, we are also mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported.
  • Free anime streaming: While entertainment nowadays tends to be costly from movies to music, which used to be free. However, as we've mentioned before, Gogoanime is a free platform for anime. We also have an option to get access to our premium features with a small fee but it is totally up to you to sign up for it or not.
  • Smooth streaming experience: With our latest update, including fixed bugs and no ads, your streaming at Gogoanime will be smooth and uninterrupted as long as your Internet connection is stable and good enough.
  • Watch unlimited anime online: A website that is fast, safe and free is unreal, you may wonder? Indeed, Gogoanime is just like anime fans dream comes true! We never stop expanding our content library with your favourite anime so you can binge-watching them whenever you want! Everyone is welcome to the site and have a good time!

Is there a Gogoanime app?

Unfortunately, we do not have any apps on any platforms, only this website https://gogoanime.mn/. Therefore if you see Gogonanime somewhere else without an official announcement from us, please do not download it as it could be a potential scam!

Gogoanime is blocked by my ISP, how to get Gogoanime unblocked?

You can use a VPS to bypass the ISP blocking. And do not forget to follow us for updates via our social channels:

- Gogoanime twitter: https://twitter.com/GogoanimeTeam

- Gogoanime Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealGogoanime/

Is Gogoanime no ads guaranteed?

Yes, indeed! No ads, no cost, no limit!

Best alternatives to Gogoanime

In case you cannot get access Gogoanime, here are 3 safe and ad-free websites we recommend for you: 9Anime, Zoro.to, and 4anime. We hope you will enjoy anime on these websites as much as when you are with us!